The Best Cleaning Product For Restaurants

Restaurant floors are very important with regards to business perspective, floors that are scratched and dirty will drive away potential customers, meaning sales will decrease. Restaurant floors have to meet many requirements, they should be sparkling clean at all times, they should be resistance to stain and can accommodate the non-stop traffic in and out of the restaurant seven day a week. Poor and unclean floors are bound to leave a restaurant short staffed, customers will also not eat in the restaurant as they will see it to be dirty place but there is a solution to this matter.

There are many types of restaurant floor cleaning product that claim to be the ultimate surface disenfectant in the market today, but to be honest there are no products that are as effective as LamanatorPlus™. They are the most efficient and best items in the market that will get all of your restaurant surfaces looking as good as new. Surprisingly the products are so easy to us, a ten year old child can do it. They are simply a must for any restaurant or any food service operation. Restaurant managers are aware that the restaurant floor needs to be cleaned each and every day, but the question is, are the cleaners doing it right ? and are they utilizing the best product they could?

So why should restaurant managers choose these products:


  • The product puts a shining factor to your old or dull surfaces.
  • The products protect the original surface of the restaurant floor.
  • The products do help in sealing flooring joints from moisture and liquid spills.
  • They hide and fill minor scratches.
  • The products also eliminate scuff marks.
  • The products cleans any kind of surface thus giving it a new look.

No other product can beat LamanatorPlus™ in providing the ultimate cleaning power for restaurants, the cleaning products include:

  • Fresh Start 1L
  • Flooring Cleaner 1L
  • Flooring Restorer 1L

Lamanator Plus Flooring Restorer, Cleaner and Fresh Start will put the most astounding quality coating on your hard surface floors, taking them back to a wonderful rich look. The products help seal, clean and restore the surface and minor scratches.

the other product include Fresh Start 1 Gallon which is also used to clean floor and, Flooring Cleaner 1 Gallon – This item are commonly detailed to clean very easily. It can be utilized on all hard restaurant surface. The products have been utilized to clean windows and table tops too thus a streak free item and has a wonderful crisp scent. Lastly the Flooring Restorer 1 Gallon – The flooring restorer will put an astounding covering on most hard surfaces, taking them back to a wonderful sumptuous look.

using the above products can prevent unsafe organism from surfacing on the restaurants floor, LamanatorPlus™ products are of high quality and can be purchased at a very reasonable price.


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