Where To Eat To Beat That Belly

Figuring out how to lose a pound a day can be an extremely difficult and challenging undertaking. It requires discipline, hard work, and commitment. Finding time to exercise and prepare healthy meals can be a difficult enough struggle; finding healthy choices when out to eat can feel nearly impossible.

Fortunately, we are here to help inform you of the best restaurants to eat at while losing weight every day. By choosing the below restaurants, you don’t have to sacrifice the fun of going out in order to stick to your diet of losing a pound a day.

Read on to find out which restaurants are the best for people looking to beat that belly bulge!

1. SUBWAY: Subway has long claimed to be the picture of healthy eating and weight loss friendly meal options. Remember Jared, the man who lost two subwayhundred pounds, apparently by eating a diet consisting of mainly Subway take out? But all of this buzz aside, is Subway still one of the best restaurants to eat at while figuring out how to lose a pound a day? The answer is yes- but only if you are careful and conscious. Many of the dressings are loaded with diet busting fats and sugars, and adding too much dairy or processed meat to a sub could be a belly buster you never wanted. Instead, opt for a chopped salad with grilled chicken or sliced turkey. You can add any vegetables and greens you fancy, and even throw in some croutons, or the eggs they use for the breakfast style subs (all you need to do is ask!). Just make sure to choose a low fat dressing- we recommend the Fat Free Sweet Onion, or the Chipotle Southwest Sauce.

2. CHIPOTLE: When all your co-workers are making a Chipotle lunch run, it can be really hard to stay back and chipotlemunch on raw veggies. Fortunately, Chipotle is actually one of the best restaurants to eat at while trying to lose a pound a day! Just order up the Vegetarian Burrito Bowl. This nutritious dish features brown rice, protein rich black beans, sizzling fajita vegetables, lettuce, and chili-corn salsa for a well rounded meal that comes in at just 385 calories. Packed with protein, but light on fat (only 1g of saturated fat!), this dish is perfect for the dieting diner.

3. COLD STONE CREAMERY: While a popular ice cream chain might not your first idea of diet-friendly restaurants, Coldcold stone creamery Stone Creamery actually offers a great sweet “meal” for people watching their waist lines. The skinny vanilla iced cream, paired with strawberries, caramel, and almonds, clocks in at just 370 calories- less than many restaurant salads. This ice cream meal makes Cold Stone Creamery one of the best restaurants to eat at while on a weight loss plan!

To learn about the core principles to help jump start your weight loss plan, check out this article; www.howtoloseapoundaday.net/3-core-principles/.

The Best Foods To Eat for MRSA

Methicillin – resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. Because of this, many people ask; is mrsa curable? It mostly affects through contaminated surgical equipment in hospitals or health facilities. One can also get it through touching contaminated materials or objects that have been exposed to MRSA like bathroom stalls etc. The infection causes a swollen red area on your skin. If it is more serious, its symptoms might include chest pains, fever,chills, headache and shortness of breath and will therefore require hospitalization. If it is more serious, it could lead to pneumonia, blood poisoning, organ failure and death.

To help fight MRSA, it is important to understand diets that can boost your immune system. Highlighted below are best foods to eat for MRSA.

You should eat more raw foods.Raw food are just as they were plucked and are packed with phytonutrients,minerals and vitamins for you immune system. For instance, instead of eating raw foodsroasted nuts, you should eat raw nuts or raw vegetables instead of canned or cooked vegetables.

You need to follow a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds. Foods rich in vitamin C like red bell paper, strawberries and citrus fruit increase interferon in the body.This is the antibody that coats cells surfaces and prevents entry of harmful bacteria. Foods rich in vitamin A and E stimulates the production of T cells and also support the immune system.

Choose foods that are dense in nutrients.They should not be bleached or processed because this removes beneficial vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals. You should therefore eat brown rice instead of white rice or whole pasta instead of white pasta etc.

refined sugarYou should avoid alcohol and refined sugars as they suppress the immune system. They reduce the ability of white blood cells to multiply and kill germs.

Fats and oils are also important to your immune system. You should eat more fats and oils that are beneficial like olive oil and coconut oil. Supplementing this with cod liver oil or flax seed oil could give you omega-3 oil fatty acids that lack in most foods.

Your cooking should also include more immune stimulating ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and fresh garlic to help ward of the bacteria. Turmeric contains curcumin which is an anti inflammatory and has antiseptic properties.

The above best foods to eat are important in any diet, but especially if you want to find out is mrsa curable. You should always consider them. For more info on how to cure MRSA with at home ingredients, visit www.onlinehealthspot.org – home remedies for mrsa. To prevent the spread of this bacteria we also need to practice good hygiene and prevent sharing of personal materials like razors and towels.